Can Star NFL Kicker Overcome the Yips?

Can Star NFL Kicker Overcome the Yips? If you watched the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Monday night’s Wild Card game, you would have seen Cowboys kicker Brett Maher have one of the worst nights of his career.   Maher set an unenviable record when he became the first man ever to […]

An Introduction to Mental Skills Training

An introduction to mental skills training This is an excerpt from Geoff Miller’s book – Intangibles: Big-League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game — in Baseball and in Life. Coach Miller’s content is available now in the Optimize Mind Performance App – download it from the App Store or Google Play now. … […]

What Is Mental Skills Training?

What is Mental Skills Training? Mental skills training in sport is the act of preparing your mind for optimal performance during competition.    There are many key focus areas for athletes when on the field such as confidence, resilience, motivation, and concentration to name but a few.   By performing mental exercises, an athlete can […]