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Dr. Sam Maniar

Finding Your Motivation After a Setback

As in life, setbacks are common in sports.
Learn how to regain your motivation after a loss, mistake, or bump in the road.

0:00 1:37

Dr. Ross Flowers

Know Your Who

Build the feeling of security in your own abilities,
qualities and practices with Coach Flowers by identifying who you are as an athlete.

0:00 1:46

Dr. Andrea Wieland

What is Resilience?

Learn about resilience and how to use it to be
mentally tough in the moment and gritty for the long haul.

0:00 1:28

Dr. Mike Rotheram

Dealing With Injury

Being injured brings with it a range of emotions.
Use the simple R.E.C.O.V.E.R principle to guide you through your injury layoff.

0:00 1:40

Isaiah Wynn

Staying Confident Under Pressure

Join Isaiah Wynn as he tells you how he grew in confidence
from high school hopeful to NFL starter.

0:00 1:20