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Achieve peak performance

We are on a mission to assist athletes and organizations in achieving peak performance and maximum success through mental skills training.


Optimize Mind Performance exists to ensure all athletes and organizations can reach their full potential by harnessing the power of mental skills training.

Arguably the most important part of performance, yet often the most neglected, OMP was founded out of a desire to provide high-quality and accessible mental skills content and solutions to ensure athletes and organizations could sufficiently service this crucial element of the game.

Founded in Australia, OMP was built in collaboration with some of the world’s leading minds in the mental performance and sports science space, as well as in collaboration with leading organizations, ensuring we are providing a highly credible mental performance solution to organizations and athletes worldwide.


OMP is committed to ensuring we remain at the forefront of science and technology in the mental skills space so that we are continuously providing the best solution on the market to athletes and organizations who are seeking to be their best!

Our Solution

For Athletes

A modern and on-demand approach to mental skills training that actively engages today’s athlete.

Content created by the leading minds in mental performance who have worked throughout the MLB, NFL, NBA, and more.

Content that covers all the key foundations of sport psychology as well as sport specific mental skills that will enhance performance.

An easy, digital solution that requires no training.

For Organizations

Streamlined platform for sending in-house content directly to athletes.

Monitor individual, group, team, and organizational engagement with OMP data & analytics.

Unlock the bandwidth of your team and continue building a holistic approach to mental skills training throughout your organization.

Scale your mental skills training program throughout your organization by reaching your athletes digitally at anytime and anywhere.


Optimize Mind Performance has assembled the world’s best minds in the mental performance space to help you develop skills to take your game to the next level.


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