For the Organization

A fully customizable and intuitive platform that equips organizations with the essential tools for building and maintaining effective and efficient mental performance programs.

THE Platform

Empower your team with a solution designed to deliver the highest level of support, so that every athlete can reach their peak in athletic performance.

A centralized hub for staff members and athletes to develop, implement, and monitor mental performance programs across an entire organization tailored to both individual and team needs.

A digitalized experience, designed to cater to the needs of today’s modern athletes with an engaging fusion of technology and personalized support.

Optimize the efficiency of your team by expanding your reach and streamlining your processes, making it easier to impact athletes across your entire organization.

A complimentary tool fostering collaboration among athletes, coaches, and practitioners adding to and supporting existing services.

Our PARtners

Used by some of the world’s leading sporting organizations.


Content Creation

Produce your own unique mental skills training content that instantly appears in your athlete’s app once uploaded into the dashboard.

Interactive Exercises

Create your own or use OMP’s interactive exercises to assist athletes in expanding their mental performance learnings.

Data & Analytics

Receive individual, group, team, and organizational insights from the analytics collected from user engagement in the app.


Send push notifications directly to your athletes prompting them to engage with resources in the app.

Content Library

Access to a content library featuring some of the leading minds in mental performance, and professional athletes aimed at assisting athletes with mental skills training.

Surveys & Questionnaires

Survey your athletes through a streamlined platform allowing you to collect, digest, and store information more efficiently and effectively.


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